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March 31, 2021
March 31, 2021


Insulflex is a high quality, flexible and reliable elastomeric closed cell nitrile rubber insulation for prevention of condensation in cooling lines, ductings and equipment of cooling systems

The product comes in tubing, roll and sheet form.The extruded flexible tubings are specially designed to fit the standard diameters of copper, steel and PVC pipings. Sheets are available in standards precut sizes or in rolls.
Insulflex insulation is generally black in colour, other colours are available upon request.

Characteristics and Advantages
– The extreme flexibility of the material makes installation fast, easy and economical
– Low thermal conductivity (‘K’ Value) which makes it highly efficient and effective in the insulation of cooling or heating system
– Closed cell structure forms a good water vapour barrier
– Dust, fiber free and resistance to fungus growth
– Self extinguished
– Non corrosive and non toxic
– Class O Fire Rating, Fire Rated to Australian Standard and FM Approved
– Approved by Fire Department of Malaysia (Bomba)
– Approved by Hong Kong Fire Department
– Certified by Singapore Green Building Council
– Listed member of Australian Green Building Council

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