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March 31, 2021
March 31, 2021


AB COAT Flinkote water (AB COAT WATER BASED COATING) has been proven to meet flinkote quality standard due to its characteristics
– Not easily broken from impact or bending
– No cracks due to “Temperature Shock”
– Powerful adhesive
– Resistance to light abrasion
– Flexible

Such are possible because AB COAT Flinkote water containing maximum composition of
– Latex as an adhesive substance
– A special type of high-grade asphalt
– Emulsion as an emulsifier
– Kaolin grade fine mess as “Volume Filler”
– Additive substances to meet standard blending process

AB COAT Flinkote water serves as an anti-leak, anti-corrosion, and adhesive. Applied mainly for air conditioning ducting and also can be used to fix cracks in walls.

AB COAT Flinkote water is packed in a 20 kg pail.

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