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March 28, 2021
March 28, 2021


Polygon PPR pipe system is made of Vestolen P9421 that is one of the best PPR material over the world, the material is supplied in granules pre colored.
Special heat resistance is only one of the features of this material, its physical and chemical properties are well suited to the transfer of potable water and in the heating field.
Depending on pressure it is possible to use Polygon PPR pipe for constant temperatures up to 70°C with service life of more than 50 years. Peak temperatures of 100°C arising from short disruption are unproblematic.
Before processing, the granule under goes specific tests in our laboratories to verify its suitability for use.

Application of PPR Pipe
As a key type of Construction Material, it is widely used in the following fields:
1. Portable water supply in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, shipbuilding etc.
2. Pipe networks for rainwater utilization System, swimming pool facilities, agriculture and horticulture, industry, i.e. transport of aggressive fluids (acids, etc.)
3. Heating pipe for residential building

Characteristics of PPR Pipe
1. Highly hygienic & non-toxic
2. Light weight & no leakage
3. Easy installation & handling
4. No calcification & sedimentation
5. No bacterial & fungal growth
6. Heat-preservation and energy-saving
7. Recyclable—benefit for environment

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