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March 25, 2021


4 (Four) types of ABR Rockwool:
– Plain Blanked
Normal type among blankets which is suitable for big diameter pipelines, flat and irregular surfaces, building walls with good thermal insulation and acoustic absorption effects.
– Wire Mesh
Used in conditions where strong vibration and high temperature. They are also recommended for thermal insulation of boilers, vessels, flanges/valves and big diameter/large irreguler pipelines.
– Rigid Board
Have various applications at both low and high service temperature, with good load-bearing characteristics, particularly suitable for large vessels, tanks, ovens and ducts.
Flexible semi-rigid board and rigid board have facing with wire mesh, metal lath, kraft paper and alumunium foil.
– Pipe Section
Suitable for application on process and piping works operating at maximum temperature 750°C, with outer diameter of the insulation up to 610 mm. It can also be used in air-conditioning systems, flange and central-heating.
The high water-repellent effect and external shock resistance make it ideal for application in condition where water can penetrate the insulation system and great compression resistance is required.

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