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Square / Rectangular Diffusers

Aluminum economical square face ceiling diffuser. Removable core for concealed mounting. Units available with a choice of pattern controller configuration, and optional built-in opposed blade damper.

Linear Bar Grilles

The Linear Bar Grille is ideal for floor or sill applications and may also be used effectively for high side wall supply air. The Linear Bar Grille features crisp clean lines and offers sturdy construction combined with the lightweight advantages of aluminium extrusion.

Available with Fixed 0 Deg or Fixed15 Deg Deflection Bars.

Linear Slot

Air is supplied through the linear slots of the diffuser, either horizontally along the ceiling surface or vertically into the occupied zone. For wall installations, the plane jet air is supplied either horizontally or directed to the ceiling surface, thus increasing the throw length.

Circular Louvre

Normal Type

in the air return system of basement or machine room.

With Special Designed blades, water cannot be splashed into the room. Usually it”s used as the ventilation door for outside wall.

Material:  Extruded Aluminum Alloy (the thickness is commonly 0.8mm-1.0mm, also can be customerized )

Surface Finish:  Natural anodized

Corlor:  white color

Size: different sizes available upon your requested

Features: This type of return grille is in the form of a louver. The product is normally used in the application where waterproof is a primary concern. The non-adjustable louvered blades are fixed to the grille.

Application: Sidewall outlet type air distribution

Vent Cap Type

It (circular air outlet)generally are used for both supply and extract air applications for the bathrooms,kitchens and external walls of the buildings.Circular outlet inside is mouted by blade,stainless steel insect net,and there’s three snap links in the outlet neck.

When install this type of circular outlet, just push the the circular outlet into the round hole in the wall,and then fix it by stucking the three snap links.

Bolt and screw is not needed.Circular outlet can prevent water spashing into indoors while it can be a decoration of the exteranl wall.

Materials: aluminum with powder-coated or galvanized sheet.

Neck size/surface size : can be adjusted as customer’s requirements.

Colors: white can also follow customer’s requirements.

Exhaust Grille

They have 1 or 2 way direction pattern, and are capable of a high air volume. With a low resistance, they are ideal for use in ceiling mounted fan coil units.

The product description:
Surface Finish:  powder coating, baked enamel paint, anodize.


  1. The use of ceiling or wall applications
  2. Plastic construction
  3. The size, color, decoration, design, and other specifications according to customer product requirements
  4. For cold and warm air-conditioning system supporting the use of decorative

Volume Control Damper

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing Steel Dampers that are manufactured using high grade mild steel or galvanized iron and are extensively used for grilles, diffuser and duct mounting. Being durable in nature, these are highly compatible for controlling air volume in all air handling applications. Further, these are coated with heat resistance paint to ensure that the dampers have long service life. These are also available with meters air volume, which can be locked at desired settings.