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  • POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct

    POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is a flexible fire rated* duct manufactured for air conditioning and ventilation applications. It is very flexible, strong and lightweight. POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is unlike other duct, it gives a unique feature that only a lightweight alumunium wraps over the fiberglass and comprises of two […]

  • SM – Copper Fittings

      Fittings manufactured to the Standard shall have an ambient bursting strength of at least four times the 100° F rated internal working pressure. Fittings Rating ( rated internal working pressures for annealed temper ASTM B 88 type L copper water tube are calculated as follows : P = (2*S*t)/(D-0.8*t) where: […]

  • Crane Enfield

    STRAIGHT LENGTH Copper Tubes Tubes ordered as straight lengths are generally supplied as standard 6.0 metres for the Australian market, and 5.8 metre lengths to facilitate loading and unloading of 20 foot containers for export markets. Shorter lengths are available to suit standard requirements of other markets. Straight lengths if […]

  • Super Bubble

    Super Alumunium Bubble Foil is a 9 layer alumunium foil laminate, reinforced with polyester film using water-resistant adhesive. Super Alumunium bubble Foil with the reinforcement of polyester films, it is ideally suitable for heat insulation as well as moisture barriers usages for most type of buildings. Specification:

  • Akasadeck

    Akasadeck a roofing material, metal floor lisplang and the latest generation with the best quality cialis generic acheter viagra en ligne cheap and competitive prices. Akasadeck use of raw materials Alume Zinc, galvanized aluminum Embossed, Color Bond, Color Coat. Akasadeck simplify and accelerate the installation thus saving financing. Akasadeck has […]

  • AB Tape

    (ABT 838 SELF-ADHESIVE ALUMUNIUM FOIL TAPE) Aluminium Tape is Aluminium Foil Tape with an Aggressive Solvent Acrylic Adhesive with Easy Release Liner. Ideal for Sealing Joints & Seams, Heat Reflection and Screening in Electronics Industry, Sealing Metal  & Ducting. A Foil Tape which is the Industry Standard within the Insulation […]

  • Super Woven

    Super 588 / SS is a 3-layer alumunium foil laminated, reinforced with PP Woven Fabric and bonded with waterproof adhesive. Single Sided Alumunium insulation foil is ideally suited for heat insulation as well as moisture – proofing membrane of roofs and walls for all types of residential and commercial buildings. […]

  • AB Coat

    Flinkote water “AB COAT” (AB COAT WATER BASED COATING) has been proven to meet the standard flinkote good quality because it has properties include: – Not easily broken from the impact or bending. – No cracks due to “Temperature Shock”. – Powerful sticky enough. – Resistant to light abrasion. – […]

  • Polar Air Diffuser

    Square / Rectangular Diffusers Aluminum economical square face ceiling diffuser. Removable core for concealed mounting. Units available with a choice of pattern controller configuration, and optional built-in opposed blade damper. Linear Bar Grilles The Linear Bar Grille is ideal for floor or sill applications and may also be used effectively […]

  • AB Cloth

    It is commonly used in the wrapping of mineral or rockwool or fiberglass wool to make insulation pillows and in over lining applications. Woven with a smooth non – irritable finish, It easily wraps around uneven surfaces to provide an effective cuter layer protection againts unwanted heat energy. Thickness (mm) : […]