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AB Wool Insulation glasswool are lightweight, flexible and resilient, they provide excellent thermal insulation for flat or low-picthed roof using metal decking or asbestoscement roofing sheet. In places where condensation exists.



AB Wool Insulation glasswool must be faced with a reflective alumunium foil vapour barrier. AB Wool Insulation glasswool are used for external lagging air condition ducts and thermal Insulation of roofs, etc.

Moisture Absorption

When tested in an atmosphere of 65% relative humidity at 20oC (in accordance with British Standard 2972-1975), the moisture content of  AB Wool Insulation glasswool is 0,1% by volume.

AB Wool Insulation glasswool is 0,1% by volume.


When tested in accordance with British Standard 3958 AB Wool Insulation glasswool is slightly alkaline pH9.

Maximum service temperature

The maximum service temperature for AB Wool Insulation glasswool is 340oC. Where facing are applied, the temperature tolerances of the facing adhesive limit the surface temperature to be 70oC. (The appropriate insulation thickness can be used to limit surface temperature to 70oC.)

Fire Performance

AB Wool Insulation glasswool products are non-combustible. When it is exposed to the conditions of the test specified in British Standard 476: Part 4: 1970 “Fire Test on Building Materials and Structures – Non-combustibility Test for Materials”.


Insulflex is a flexible and light weight elastomeric nitrile rubber material designed for thermal insulation. Insulflex insulation is generally black in colour, other colours are availble upon request. The product comes in tubing, roll and sheet form.The extruded flexible tubings are specially designed to fit the standard diameters of copper, steel and PVC pipings. Sheets are available in standards precut sizes or in rolls.

Use in:

Insulflex insulation is an expanded closed cell structure provides the ideal and most efficient vapour barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water and refrigerant lines.

Insulflex insulation also prevent retards heat loss for hot water plumbing and heating, dual temperature piping systems. It protects pipes by acting as a vibration damper and giving protection against corrosion by atmospheric and industrail environment.

Insulflex insulation with its inherent flexibility makes it ideally suited for the insulation of large surface area such as tanks, irregular shaped vessels, air-ducts and large diameter pipes.



Characteristics and Advantages :

Insulflex insulation material has been specially designed to provide the following features :

  • Its low thermal conductivity (k Value) which makes it highly efficient and effective in the insulation of cooling or heating systems.
  • The hermatic blister closed cell structure forms an impermeable layer which is in itself a good vapour barrier.
  • It is suitable for appliction within the temperature range of –40 deg to 105 deg C.
  • The material has been specially compounded to be self extinguishing in nature.
  • Insuflex has excellent ozone and ultraviolet ray resistant.
  • It is CFC, chlorine and fibre free and does not cause skin allergy.
  • It is also inert to majority of chemical agents and neutral to pipe metals.
  • The extreme flexibility of material makes installation fast, easy and economical.
  • It is able to withstand tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions.
  • Much lesser space is needed for Insulflex as a thinner wall is required due to its low k value as compared to other types of insulation.
  • The smooth surface of insulflex material gives the finished insulation a net aesthetic appearance.No coating is needed on most indoor installations.