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The insulation is a double layered structure made of cross linked foam polyethylene with closed cells. The insulation tube is extruded to ensure close tube contact to enhance dew point proofing properties.

The insulation is covered with embossed polyethylene film to prevent the foam creasing.
The insulation tube is good for Anti-UV, heat resistance, low water absorption. Insulated copper tube is mainly used for installation of Air Conditioner, available in standard with lengths of 3-30m.



Copper Tube
The copper tube is soft annealed and is to ASTM B 280 Standard, JIS H3300 Standard & AS/NZ 1571 Standard, suitable for R 22 – R 410 A – R 407 A – R 404 A – R 507 A Refrigerant gases. All tubes supplied with “Pink” capped ends.

The Insulation structure is double butted (layered).
Inner insulation is made from polyethylene (PE) nano composite material made up of  foamed closed cell insulation.

Because of the law hygroscopic and excellent weatherproof characteristics the product is widely applied as an insulation material in cooling/heating systems, frost prevention material for water pipes and anti condensation material for air conditioning systems.

The outer shield is an embossed PE film which http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/ provides excellent anti condensation, heat resistant 120oC, high durability and high installation.

Surrounding the inner pipe is another layer of high expansion cross linked PE with closed cell structure.