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POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is a flexible fire rated* duct manufactured for air conditioning and ventilation applications. It is very flexible, strong and lightweight.

POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is unlike other duct, it gives a unique feature that only a lightweight alumunium wraps over the fiberglass and comprises of two concentric Helical Ducts that house the fiberglass wool between them, making it a superior and sturdier product.

POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is strong which for all high and low velocity air conditioning ventilation system and fire resistant with a flexibility of being compressed to 10% of this extended length, and come over with a sping steel wire helix to give excellent strength and flexible.

The acoustic performance of POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is superior to rigid metal ducting and equal to other flexible ducts on the market. Figures are available.

Cutting and installation of POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is simple. The only tools required are a knife and a wire cutter.

The great flexibility of POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct allows obstruction and tight situations to be overcome with ease. It is particularly beneficial for connection to air outlets in false ceilings, making adjustment to suit final positioning much easier.

Flexible duct must always be fully extendend and bends made with adequate radius to prevent corrugation of the interior with consequent excessive resistance to air flow.

For transport and site handling the duct is compressed thus reducing freight, cartage and storage cost. The strength of the duct minimize damage due handling.