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Flinkote water “AB COAT” (AB COAT WATER BASED COATING) has been proven to meet the standard flinkote good quality because it has properties include:

  • – Not easily broken from the impact or bending.
  • – No cracks due to “Temperature Shock”.
  • – Powerful sticky enough.
  • – Resistant to light abrasion.
  • – Bending.

This is possible because flingkote AB COAT water containing the maximum composition comprising:

  • – Latex for Substance placard.
  • – A special type of high-grade asphalt.
  • – Emulsion as an emulsifier.
  • – Kaolin grade fine mess as “Volume Filler”.
  • – Substances – substances additives to meet the standard blending process.

AB COAT Flinkote water serves as an anti – leak, anti-rust and adhesive. Applied mainly for air-conditioning ducting, but it could be to close the cracks in the walls and others – others.


  • Packaged in a tin / black pail containing 20 kg net.