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POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is a flexible fire rated* duct manufactured for air conditioning and ventilation applications. It is very flexible, strong and lightweight.

POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is unlike other duct, it gives a unique feature that only a lightweight alumunium wraps over the fiberglass and comprises of two concentric Helical Ducts that house the fiberglass wool between them, making it a superior and sturdier product.

POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is strong which for all high and low velocity air conditioning ventilation system and fire resistant with a flexibility of being compressed to 10% of this extended length, and come over with a sping steel wire helix to give excellent strength and flexible.

The acoustic performance of POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is superior to rigid metal ducting and equal to other flexible ducts on the market. Figures are available.

Cutting and installation of POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct is simple. The only tools required are a knife and a wire cutter.

The great flexibility of POLAR Alumunium Flexible Duct allows obstruction and tight situations to be overcome with ease. It is particularly beneficial for connection to air outlets in false ceilings, making adjustment to suit final positioning much easier.

Flexible duct must always be fully extendend and bends made with adequate radius to prevent corrugation of the interior with consequent excessive resistance to air flow.

For transport and site handling the duct is compressed thus reducing freight, cartage and storage cost. The strength of the duct minimize damage due handling.



Aluminium Tape is Aluminium Foil Tape with an Aggressive Solvent Acrylic Adhesive with Easy Release Liner. Ideal for Sealing Joints & Seams, Heat Reflection and Screening in Electronics Industry, Sealing Metal  & Ducting.

A Foil Tape which is the Industry Standard within the Insulation Industry.


ALUMUNIUM : 30 Micron, Dead Soft, Standard Purity
ADHESIVE : Transparent, Solvent Based, Acrylic Copolymer
RELEASE PAPER : 75 g/m2 Slilicone Coated PE Paper
THICKNESS : 0.07mm (with adhesive)
APPLICATIONS : +10 o C to + 40 o C
SERVICE TEMPERATURE : 0 o C to + 100 o C
ROLL LENGTH : 27.5 – 50 meters or 50 yard
ROLL WIDTH : 50, 63, 75, 100mm or only 50 mm

Flinkote water “AB COAT” (AB COAT WATER BASED COATING) has been proven to meet the standard flinkote good quality because it has properties include:

  • – Not easily broken from the impact or bending.
  • – No cracks due to “Temperature Shock”.
  • – Powerful sticky enough.
  • – Resistant to light abrasion.
  • – Bending.

This is possible because flingkote AB COAT water containing the maximum composition comprising:

  • – Latex for Substance placard.
  • – A special type of high-grade asphalt.
  • – Emulsion as an emulsifier.
  • – Kaolin grade fine mess as “Volume Filler”.
  • – Substances – substances additives to meet the standard blending process.

AB COAT Flinkote water serves as an anti – leak, anti-rust and adhesive. Applied mainly for air-conditioning ducting, but it could be to close the cracks in the walls and others – others.


  • Packaged in a tin / black pail containing 20 kg net.

Square / Rectangular Diffusers

Aluminum economical square face ceiling diffuser. Removable core for concealed mounting. Units available with a choice of pattern controller configuration, and optional built-in opposed blade damper.

Linear Bar Grilles

The Linear Bar Grille is ideal for floor or sill applications and may also be used effectively for high side wall supply air. The Linear Bar Grille features crisp clean lines and offers sturdy construction combined with the lightweight advantages of aluminium extrusion.

Available with Fixed 0 Deg or Fixed15 Deg Deflection Bars.

Linear Slot

Air is supplied through the linear slots of the diffuser, either horizontally along the ceiling surface or vertically into the occupied zone. For wall installations, the plane jet air is supplied either horizontally or directed to the ceiling surface, thus increasing the throw length.

Circular Louvre

Normal Type

in the air return system of basement or machine room.

With Special Designed blades, water cannot be splashed into the room. Usually it”s used as the ventilation door for outside wall.

Material:  Extruded Aluminum Alloy (the thickness is commonly 0.8mm-1.0mm, also can be customerized )

Surface Finish:  Natural anodized

Corlor:  white color

Size: different sizes available upon your requested

Features: This type of return grille is in the form of a louver. The product is normally used in the application where waterproof is a primary concern. The non-adjustable louvered blades are fixed to the grille.

Application: Sidewall outlet type air distribution

Vent Cap Type

It (circular air outlet)generally are used for both supply and extract air applications for the bathrooms,kitchens and external walls of the buildings.Circular outlet inside is mouted by blade,stainless steel insect net,and there’s three snap links in the outlet neck.

When install this type of circular outlet, just push the the circular outlet into the round hole in the wall,and then fix it by stucking the three snap links.

Bolt and screw is not needed.Circular outlet can prevent water spashing into indoors while it can be a decoration of the exteranl wall.

Materials: aluminum with powder-coated or galvanized sheet.

Neck size/surface size : can be adjusted as customer’s requirements.

Colors: white can also follow customer’s requirements.

Exhaust Grille

They have 1 or 2 way direction pattern, and are capable of a high air volume. With a low resistance, they are ideal for use in ceiling mounted fan coil units.

The product description:
Surface Finish:  powder coating, baked enamel paint, anodize.


  1. The use of ceiling or wall applications
  2. Plastic construction
  3. The size, color, decoration, design, and other specifications according to customer product requirements
  4. For cold and warm air-conditioning system supporting the use of decorative

Volume Control Damper

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing Steel Dampers that are manufactured using high grade mild steel or galvanized iron and are extensively used for grilles, diffuser and duct mounting. Being durable in nature, these are highly compatible for controlling air volume in all air handling applications. Further, these are coated with heat resistance paint to ensure that the dampers have long service life. These are also available with meters air volume, which can be locked at desired settings.


It is commonly used in the wrapping of mineral or rockwool or fiberglass wool to make insulation pillows and in over lining applications.

Woven with a smooth non – irritable finish, It easily wraps around uneven surfaces to provide an effective cuter layer protection againts unwanted heat energy.

  • Thickness (mm) : 0.19 ± 0.02
  • Width (mm) : 1270 ± 5
  • Length (m/roll) :  100 + 1
  • Weave :  Plain
  • Weight (g/m2) : 203 ± 10
  • Warp (ends/cm) :  18
  • Weft (ends/cm) : 12
  • Colour : WHITE
  • Resistant Heat Temperature (MAX) : 550° C

Spangle / flowers from the surface of the zinc coating is the result of crystallization of zinc as normal, with a homogeneous shape and shiny, Thickness 0.2 sd 3.8 mm. This type of coating is very suitable for use or consumption in general.

Available in sizes:
1. Sheet: 4 ‘x 8’ (1219 mm x 2438 mm)
2. Roll: 4 ‘x @ 25 m / roll
3. Coil: 4 ‘x @ ± 2 tons / coil
4. Depending on Demand

Use of Lokfom Regular Spangle:
-Ducting AC
-Spiral Pipe Industry
-Cable industry
-Industrial Rolling Door
-Industrial Tools Household
-Industrial Filter / Air Filter & Oil Filter
-Industrial Drum
-Buffer Structure
-Industry panel / Box panel
-Industrial Folding Gate
-Manufacture of cabinet air conditioner, refrigerator, etc..


: According to the Standard Industrial Indonesia (SII), JIS G 3141, ASTM Std British,
Australian Std, or according to other International Standards.
Type of Cold Rolled Steel in Coil used are:
– Soft Type (soft / annealed).
– Hardware type (hard / unannealed).



S indicates the self-sticking type spindle (Adhesive is not included.)

  • Plate size 24 mm square for pin length of 25 mm – 75 mm. 30 mm square for pin length of 100 mm and over.
  • Plate thickness 0.4 mm for length of 75 mm and under 0.5 mm for pin length of 100 mm and over.
  • Diameter of pin 1.6 mm for pin length of 25 mm – 75 mm and diameter of pin 2.0 mm for pin length of 100 mm and over.

The self sticking type should be used for temporary installation.

When the spindle is installed on the vibratory surface such as the air chamber, the vibratory might cause fatigue rupture on the spindle.

Adhesive SP – 50 ( 3 tubes included in each box) Rapid curing adhesive exclusively developed for bonding spindle anchor to zinc-coated carbon steel and concrete. Most suited for hot and cold insulation and http://viagraonline2015shopusa.com soundproof works.


AB Duct system :

  • AB Duct panels
  • Accessories for AB Duct
  • Training and Services for Duct Installation
  • Data sheet of tech & safety for Duct Installation
  • Undertake project of Duct Installation
  • Project Application


Size : 4000 mm x 1200 x 20 mm
Weight : 1.48 kg/m2
Density : 53 +/- 2kg/m3
Thickness : of Alumunium Foil : 80 micron
Fire Retardant : Class O
Thermal Conductivity : 0,020 w/m.K
Pressure in duct max : 2000 pa
Working temperature : -60oC – + 80oC
Air Flow max : 12 m/s

Friction Loss                      : 0.0135

AB Duct can be applied in :

  • industrial building
  • shopping centre
  • hotels, apartment
  • hospitals
  • airports
  • office blocks
  • instutional building
  • banks
  • exhibitions buildings
  • Etc.


  • Light and safe, decrease the load of the building.
  • Easy to install, shorten the construction period.
  • Protect environment, sandwich structure with antioxidant surfaces.
  • High performance in heat insulating, can be served in both high and low temperature
  • Fireproof, meet the National standard, makes building safe.
  • Soundproof, makes a quieter environment.
  • No need to leave space for insulation material installing, so that the story height can be
  • Long service life up to 20 years, very low cost in wastage and maintenance.
    Nice appearance


  • AB Duct pre-insulated aluminium is kind of sandwich structure duct that made of fireproof
    polyisocyanurate foam and aluminium foil composite by continuous pressure process. It has high performance in heat insulation.
  • The polyisocyanurate in the duct is kind of closed cell foam with low thermal conductivity. This
    make AB Duct has high performance in heat insulation to save energy.
  • AB polyisocyanurate pre-insulated Duct has much longer service life than other materials. It has 20 years service life while traditional Zincification duct has only no more than 10 years.
  • Besides, AB Duct is very light that can be easily moved and installed. It has lower requirement of load capacity for the building.

Insulflex is a flexible and light weight elastomeric nitrile rubber material designed for thermal insulation. Insulflex insulation is generally black in colour, other colours are availble upon request. The product comes in tubing, roll and sheet form.The extruded flexible tubings are specially designed to fit the standard diameters of copper, steel and PVC pipings. Sheets are available in standards precut sizes or in rolls.

Use in:

Insulflex insulation is an expanded closed cell structure provides the ideal and most efficient vapour barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water and refrigerant lines.

Insulflex insulation also prevent retards heat loss for hot water plumbing and heating, dual temperature piping systems. It protects pipes by acting as a vibration damper and giving protection against corrosion by atmospheric and industrail environment.

Insulflex insulation with its inherent flexibility makes it ideally suited for the insulation of large surface area such as tanks, irregular shaped vessels, air-ducts and large diameter pipes.



Characteristics and Advantages :

Insulflex insulation material has been specially designed to provide the following features :

  • Its low thermal conductivity (k Value) which makes it highly efficient and effective in the insulation of cooling or heating systems.
  • The hermatic blister closed cell structure forms an impermeable layer which is in itself a good vapour barrier.
  • It is suitable for appliction within the temperature range of –40 deg to 105 deg C.
  • The material has been specially compounded to be self extinguishing in nature.
  • Insuflex has excellent ozone and ultraviolet ray resistant.
  • It is CFC, chlorine and fibre free and does not cause skin allergy.
  • It is also inert to majority of chemical agents and neutral to pipe metals.
  • The extreme flexibility of material makes installation fast, easy and economical.
  • It is able to withstand tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions.
  • Much lesser space is needed for Insulflex as a thinner wall is required due to its low k value as compared to other types of insulation.
  • The smooth surface of insulflex material gives the finished insulation a net aesthetic appearance.No coating is needed on most indoor installations.