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AB Duct system :

  • AB Duct panels
  • Accessories for AB Duct
  • Training and Services for Duct Installation
  • Data sheet of tech & safety for Duct Installation
  • Undertake project of Duct Installation
  • Project Application


Size : 4000 mm x 1200 x 20 mm
Weight : 1.48 kg/m2
Density : 53 +/- 2kg/m3
Thickness : of Alumunium Foil : 80 micron
Fire Retardant : Class O
Thermal Conductivity : 0,020 w/m.K
Pressure in duct max : 2000 pa
Working temperature : -60oC – + 80oC
Air Flow max : 12 m/s

Friction Loss                      : 0.0135

AB Duct can be applied in :

  • industrial building
  • shopping centre
  • hotels, apartment
  • hospitals
  • airports
  • office blocks
  • instutional building
  • banks
  • exhibitions buildings
  • Etc.


  • Light and safe, decrease the load of the building.
  • Easy to install, shorten the construction period.
  • Protect environment, sandwich structure with antioxidant surfaces.
  • High performance in heat insulating, can be served in both high and low temperature
  • Fireproof, meet the National standard, makes building safe.
  • Soundproof, makes a quieter environment.
  • No need to leave space for insulation material installing, so that the story height can be
  • Long service life up to 20 years, very low cost in wastage and maintenance.
    Nice appearance


  • AB Duct pre-insulated aluminium is kind of sandwich structure duct that made of fireproof
    polyisocyanurate foam and aluminium foil composite by continuous pressure process. It has high performance in heat insulation.
  • The polyisocyanurate in the duct is kind of closed cell foam with low thermal conductivity. This
    make AB Duct has high performance in heat insulation to save energy.
  • AB polyisocyanurate pre-insulated Duct has much longer service life than other materials. It has 20 years service life while traditional Zincification duct has only no more than 10 years.
  • Besides, AB Duct is very light that can be easily moved and installed. It has lower requirement of load capacity for the building.